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What are two valid types of software-defined networking architectures? (Choose two.)

A.    hardware-based
B.    controller-based
C.    policy-based
D.    actuation-based

Answer: BC

Your customer wants to implement better quality of service for multiple mission critical applications. How many bits of the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) field of a packet would be used as code-points to achieve this goal?

A.    8
B.    2
C.    6
D.    10

Answer: C

The Junos Fusion architecture is comprised of which two components? (Choose two.)

A.    interconnect devices
B.    satellite devices
C.    node devices
D.    aggregation devices

Answer: BD
The Junos Fusion architecture consists of two major components: “Aggregation” devices and “Satellite” devices, which Juniper also calls Linux Forwarding Engines (LFEs). These components work together as a single switching system,flattening the network to a single tier without compromising resiliency. (See page 4)

Which control plane protocol does EVPN use for MAC address mobility?

A.    VPLS
B.    STP
C.    MP-BGP
D.    E-LAN

Answer: A

You are asked to deploy Spotlight Secure to help secure the data center. What are three required components for this deployment? (Choose three.)

A.    Juniper threat feeds
B.    Custom security feeds
C.    SRX Series devices
D.    Spotlight Connector VM
E.    Security Director

Answer: ACD

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