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Which statement is true when using VLANs in a bridge domain on an MX Series device?

A.    The VLAN tags of the received packet are always translated.
B.    Only outer VLAN tags can be normalized.
C.    The VLAN tag of the received packet must match the VLAN tags associated with one of the logical interfaces.
D.    Outer and inner VLAN tags always checked at egress.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about NSR? (Choose two.)

A.    NSR requires graceful restart to function properly.
B.    NSR requires redundant REs.
C.    NSR requires only one RE.
D.    NSR requires GRES to function properly.

Answer: BD

What are tree types of interfaces that can be used in an MX Series device when implementing a virtual switch routing instance? (Choose three.)

A.    Trunk interface
B.    Access interface
C.    Layer 2 logical interface
D.    GRE tunnel interface
E.    Logical tunnel interface

Answer: ABC

Referring to the exhibit.
You have just configured IS-IS, but the adjacency is not coming up. What is the cause?

A.    Only one side is configured using the point-to-point parameter.
B.    One router is configured for Level 2 only.
C.    The routers must be in different areas.
D.    The family iso parameters is missing on the interfaces.

Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit.
You have just configured a GRE tunnel, but you notice that the GRE tunnel is flapping. Which two would you take to solve this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Add a specific static route to the local peer’s network with the remote devices’loopback address as the next-hop gateway.
B.    Add a specific route to the remote device’s loopback address with the next-hop device defined as the next-hop gateway.
C.    Set the GRE interface with a larger TTL value.
D.    Remove the existing static route.

Answer: BD

You want to save adjacency formation time between two routers participating in OSPF, as well as reduce the size of the OSPF link-state database. How would you accomplish these tasks?

A.    Configure a virtual link.
B.    Specify a designated router.
C.    Specify a backup designated router.
D.    Define a point-to-point connection.

Answer: D

What is the TTL value for EBGP?

A.    64
B.    48
C.    255
D.    1

Answer: D

Which statement is true about routing instances on Junos devices?

A.    Routing information cannot be shared between routing instance.
B.    Each routing protocol runs in a separate routing instance.
C.    Junos device support only one routing instance.
D.    Each routing instance is a unique grouping of routing tables, interfaces, and routing protocol parameters.

Answer: D

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