Juniper Networks Certified Specialist Enterprise Routing and Switching (JNCIS-ENT) JN0-347 Exam Questions with VCE and PDF for Free Download from PassLeader (Question 91 – Question 100)

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Which two values are used to generate a bridge ID when using STP? (Choose two.)

A.    system MAC address
B.    bridge priority
C.    port identifier
D.    loopback IP address

Answer: AB

Referring to the exhibit, when using the default routing behavior, what happens to Packet A and Packet B on R1?

A.    Packet A is rejected and Packet B is forwarded to its destination.
B.    Packet A is forwarded to its destination and Packet B is rejected.
C.    Packet A and Packet B are forwarded to their respective destinations.
D.    Packet A and Packet B are discarded.

Answer: B

Which statement is true about GRE tunnels?

A.    GRE tunnels can be used for only IPpackets.
B.    GRE tunnels ensure that a packet does not live forever.
C.    Packets are encapsulated unchanged before entering the tunnel.
D.    GRE tunnels support point-to-multipoint.

Answer: C

What are three types of bridge protocol data units? (Choose three.)

A.    media endpoint discovery
B.    topology change acknowledgement
C.    topology change notification
D.    type length value
E.    configuration

Answer: BCE

A routing table contains multiple BGP routes to the same destination prefix. The route preference is the same for each route.
Referring to the exhibit, which route would be selected?

A.    Route B
B.    Route D
C.    Route A
D.    Route C

Answer: B

Which area is reserved for the OSPF backbone?

A.    Area
B.    Area
C.    Area
D.    Area

Answer: A

You are performing network tests and notice that the Layer 3 interface in the Finance VLAN on an EX Series switch is not responding to pings. You review the device status from the console. What is causing the problem, as shown in the exhibit?

A.    There are no active physical ports in the Finance VLAN.
B.    There is no route in the routing table for the Finance VLAN Layer 3 interface.
C.    The Layer 3 interface in the Finance VLAN is administratively disabled.
D.    There are no interfaces configured in the Finance VLAN.

Answer: B

The configuration shown in the exhibit was committed on an EX Series switch. You are notified that the phone using the voice VLAN does not work. You determine that voice traffic is not passing through the local switch.
What should be done to solve the problem?

A.    You should add the voice VLAN as a member on the ge-0/0/8.0 interface.
B.    You should change the port mode on ge-0/0/9.0 totrunk.
C.    You should add the voice VLAN as a member on the ge-0/0/9.0 interface.
D.    You should change the voice VLAN ID to match the data VLAN ID.

Answer: A

You are unable to establish a BGP session between R2 and ISP-B.
Referring to the exhibit, what must be changed in the configuration?

A.    A local address statement with the lo0 address must be added to R2 undergroup external-a.
B.    An import policy statement must be added to R2 undergroup external-a to allow ISP-B to peer.
C.    The type external statement must be added to R2 undergroup external-b.
D.    The peer-as statement needs the AS number for ISP-B.

Answer: D

Referring to the outputs shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct?

A.    The switch is the only switch in the RSTP topology.
B.    The switch’s bridge priority is 4k.
C.    The switch’s bridge priority is 16k.
D.    The switch is not the root bridge.

Answer: D

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