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You were provided a network diagram that told you to number your network from the space. OSPF is enabled and adjacencies are up, but no routers are learning any routes. What can explain this?

A.    The default OSPF export policies advertise nothing, so you need to apply export policy.
B.    The default OSPF import policy rejects all OSPF routes, so you need to apply import policy.
C.    You need to modify the martian table with a accept statement.
D.    You need to enable OSPF on the lo0 interface to provide a route to the RID of each router in the network.

Answer: C

What types of authentication are supported in Junos for OSPF?

A.    Simple password
B.    MD5 checksum
C.    Hitless key chain of MD5 keys/checksums
D.    All of the above

Answer: D

What are three types of port designation specific to Private VLANs? (Choose three.)

A.    Promiscuous ports
B.    Transparent ports
C.    PVLAN trunk ports
D.    Designated ports
E.    Isolated ports

Answer: ACE

Referring to the exhibit, which three actions would summarize these routes to a BGP peer? (Choose three.)

A.    Create a policy that accepts the more specific contributing routes.
B.    Create a route to with a next hop of under the [edit routing-options static] hierarchy.
C.    Create a policy that rejects the more specific contributing routes.
D.    Create a policy to accept aggregate routes.
E.    Create a route under the [edit routing-options aggregate] hierarchy.

Answer: CDE

Which connection method do OSPF routers use to communicate with each other?

A.    IP protocol number 89
B.    TCP port 179
C.    UDP port 179
D.    IP protocol number 6

Answer: C

You are configuring a new BGP service to your service provider. You want to ensure that BGP is fully established and has all the routes in the route table before allowing traffic to transit the router. Which feature achieves this requirement?

A.    BGP route reflector
B.    IS-IS mesh group
C.    BGP local preference
D.    IS-IS overload bit

Answer: D

You are adding a new EX4300 member switch to your existing EX4300 Virtual Chassis. However, the new member is not running the same Junos version as the other members. By default, what is the expected behavior?

A.    The new switch is not recognized by the Virtual Chassis.
B.    The Virtual Chassis will transition into a split brain situation between the existing master Routing Engine and the switch running the different version.
C.    The new switch will be assigned a member ID and then placed in an inactive state.
D.    The new switch will automatically pull the correct version from the master Routing Engine and perform the necessary upgrade.

Answer: D

Which three BGP attributes are well-known and mandatory? (Choose three.)

A.    AS Path
B.    Next Hop
C.    MED
D.    Local Preference
E.    Origin

Answer: ABE

You created a policy to reject all incoming routes from peer You notice that despite applying the policy, you are still receiving routes from this peer.
Referring to the exhibit, why are you still receiving the routes?

A.    The policy should have a form statement.
B.    You can only block active prefixes.
C.    The policy should be an import policy.
D.    You cannot block incoming IBGP routes.

Answer: C

Which static route next-hop value indicated that the packet will be silently dropped?

A.    resolve
B.    discard
C.    reject
D.    next-table

Answer: B

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