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You have certainly implemented the configuration shown in the exhibit. After committing these changes, the community devices connected to AS-1 are not able to communicate with the appropriate community devices connected to AS-2. What must be done to allow these community devices to communicate?

A.    You must configure an isolation VLAN ID Under the pvlan-200 on the AS2.
B.    You must configure the ge-0/0/10 interface on AS1 AS THE P VLAN on both switches.
C.    You must configure an isolation VLAN ID under the VLAN 200 ON both switches.
D.    You must configure the ge-0/012 interface on both switches as P VLAN trunks.

Answer: D

Which two statements is true regarding the next hop attribute? (Choose two.)

A.    It is not changed when sent across EBGP sessions.
B.    It is changed to self for IBGP routes learned from EBGP.
C.    It is not changed for IGBP routes learned from EBGP.
D.    It is changed by default when sent across EBGP sessions.

Answer: CD

Your enterprise network is providing layer 2 connectivity between remote-sites using Q-in-Q tunneling. A customer wants to ensure their connection through your network is also participating in their spanning free topology. In this scenario, which solution must be used?

A.    You must configure the Q-in-Q tunnel to use L2PT to tunnel STP packets.
B.    You must configure the same isolation ID on both sides of the tunnel.
C.    You must configure spanning tree on the interfaces connected to the customers sites.
D.    You must configure spanning tree to tunnel packets.

Answer: A

You want to deploy MSTP with multiple regions. Each region should have a unique root bridge to accommodate a set of VLANs. Which three configuration elements must watch on switches participating in this deployment scenario? (Choose three.)

A.    MSTI to VLAN mapping
B.    revision level
C.    CST BPDU parameters
D.    configuration name
E.    bridge priority

Answer: ABD

Which policy statement will be applied to neighbor

A.    policy-statement all and policy-statement agg
B.    policy-statement agg
C.    policy-statement all and policy-statement atat
D.    policy-statement atat

Answer: A

You are attempting to configure BGP peering to a new service provider. The BGP peering state is stuck in the active state. What are two reasons for this happening? (Choose two.)

A.    The local autonomous system number is not configure.
B.    The origin ID is not configure.
C.    The peer IP address is incorrect.
D.    The peer autonomous number is incorrect.

Answer: C

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