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In a Clos IP fabric, which advantage does EBGP signaling have between spine and leaf nodes over using IBGP?

A.    By default, EBGP supports multihop sessions between peers.
B.    When using EBGP between all members, a single advertised route will be learned by all members.
C.    EBGP does not require the configuration of next-hop self.
D.    A leaf node can have multiple EBGP sessions with a spine node.

Answer: B

You want to avoid large flows from blocking small flows traversing an Ethernet fabric. Which feature would be used to accomplish this task?

A.    Adaptive Flowlet Splicing
B.    DSCP
C.    Two-colored policer

Answer: A

Your customer wants to connect two data centers together over the Internet while maintaining privacy and security. Which VPN topology and ESP algorithm should you use to accomplish this task?

A.    site-to-site VPN with 3DES
B.    hub-and-spoke VPN with AES
C.    site-to-site VPN with AES
D.    hub-and-spoke VPN with 3DES

Answer: C

Which control plane routing protocol provides the greatest scalability for a Clos IP fabric?

A.    OSPF
B.    MPLS
C.    BGP
D.    IS-IS

Answer: C

A Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) is placed into mixed mode. In this scenario, what are two changes in the behavior of the VCF? (Choose two.)

A.    Mixed mode allows VCPs of varying speeds between members.
B.    Mixed mode allows an EX4200 to be added as a leaf node.
C.    Mixed mode lowers the hardware scaling numbers of a VCF.
D.    Mixed mode disables certain software features of a VCF.

Answer: CD

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