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Referring to the exhibit.
What is the correct OSPF interface state for the ge-0/0/1 interface?

A.    BDR
B.    Down
C.    DR
D.    DRother

Answer: C

Referring to the exhibit.
You are asked to enable a new BGP connection on R1, which has an existing IPv4 peering with R2. The new peering with R3 will use IPv6. Which two steps are required to enable the new IPv6 peering? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure an IPv6 address on the appropriate interface.
B.    Configure the rib inet.6.0 statement under the BGP group.
C.    Configure an IPv6 neighbor address under the BGP group.
D.    Configure an IPv6 local address under the BGP group.

Answer: AC

Which two fields of a hello packet must match on both routers when forming an OSPF adjacency? (Choose two.)

A.    Hello interval
B.    Designated route
C.    Router priority
D.    Network mask

Answer: AD

Referring to the exhibit.
You are receiving the same route prefix from four EBGP neighbors. Based on the information provided in the exhibit, which route will become active?

A.    Route2
B.    Route3
C.    Route4
D.    Route1

Answer: D

Which Layer 2 mechanism logically groups network nodes into separate broadcast domains?

A.    IS-IS levels
B.    OSPF areas
C.    VLAN
D.    IP subnets

Answer: C

Which two statements correctly describe the BGP community attribute? (Choose two.)

A.    Only one community can be associated with a route.
B.    The community attribute is an optional nontransitive attribute.
C.    Multiple communities can be associated with a route.
D.    The community attributes is an optional transitive attribute.

Answer: CD

Referring to the exhibit.
Customer 1 has experienced some hardware failures that erroneously transitioned some links into a forwarding state, as shown in the exhibit. In this scenario, which STP feature set would solve this problem?

A.    MAC movement protection
B.    Loop protection
C.    BPDU protection
D.    Root protection

Answer: B

Referring to the exhibit.
You are using OSPF as your IGP in your network. You have applied the OSPF configuration shown in the exhibit to router R1. Which statement is true in this scenario?

A.    Router R1 must be configured as a stub area for Area
B.    Router R1 will send a default route to router R2.
C.    Router R2 will not have a route to subnet
D.    Router R3 will not have a route to subnet

Answer: D

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