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Which three statements describes traditional firewalls? (Choose three.)

A.    A traditional firewall performs stateless packet processing.
B.    A traditional firewall offers encapsulation, authentication, and encryption.
C.    A traditional firewall performs stateful packet processing.
D.    A traditional firewall forwards all traffic by default.
E.    A traditional firewall performs NAT and PAT.

Answer: BCE

Which SRX5400 component is responsible for performing first pass security policy inspection?

A.    Routing Engine
B.    Switch Control Board
C.    Services Processing Unit
D.    Modular Port Concentrator

Answer: C

What are three characteristics of session-based forwarding, compared to packet-based forwarding, on an SRX Series device? (Choose three.)

A.    Session-based forwarding uses stateful packet processing.
B.    Session-based forwarding requires less memory.
C.    Session-based forwarding performs faster processing of existing session.
D.    Session-based forwarding usesstateless packet processing,
E.    Session-based forwarding uses six tuples of information.

Answer: ACE

You are configuring security policies with Junos Space Security Director. Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The host device has three rules assigned to it.
B.    The policy assigned to the host device is published.
C.    The policy assigned to the host device requires publishing.
D.    The host device has two rules assigned to it.

Answer: BD

Which two statements are true about global security policies? (Choose two.)

A.    Global security policies are evaluated before regular security policies.
B.    Global security policies can be configured to match addresses across multiple zones.
C.    Global security policies can match traffic regardless of security zones.
D.    Global security policies do not support IPv6 traffic.

Answer: BC

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