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What are three ways for PyEZ to connect to supported Junos devices? (Choose three.)

A.    NETCONF over SSH
B.    Serial interface
C.    Telnet
E.    Webhook

Answer: ABC

Referring to the exhibit, what is the type of the myConfig variable on line 17 of the Python script?

A.    template
B.    dictionary
C.    string
D.    list

Answer: A

The <rpc-reply> XML tag is a member of which NETCONF protocol layer?

A.    Transport
B.    Content
C.    Messages
D.    Operations

Answer: A
The NETCONF protocol uses an RPC-based communication model. NETCONF peers use <rpc> and <rpc-reply> elements to provide transport-protocol-independent framing of NETCONF requests and responses.

The Ansible playbook shown in the exhibit is executed against a set of Junos network devices. Each Junos device is configured with a user account in the super-user login class. The user account uses SSH-key-based authentication with a passphrase of user123. What is the result of executing this playbook against the Junos network devices?

A.    The playbook executes, but fails with a “ConnectAuthError” due to the missing passphrase argument to the junos_get_facts module.
B.    The playbook fails due to a YAML syntax error.
C.    The playbook executes and prints the version of Junos running on each network device as the value of response.facts.version.
D.    The playbook executes and prints “VARIABLE IS NOT DEFINED!” as the value response.facts.version.

Answer: C

Which statement is true about a Junos ephemeral configuration database?

A.    It can be used to trigger a commit script.
B.    It can be used to reduce commit time.
C.    It can be used to archive previous versions of the ephemeral configuration.
D.    It can be used to validate configuration data semantics.

Answer: B

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