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Referring to the exhibit.
R-1 and R-2 are connected with a LAG on the ae0 interface. However, the LAG is not operational. Which action will solve this problem?

A.    Change one device to use LACP passive mode.
B.    Change the system ID on one device.
C.    Set the LACP system priority to a non-zero value on one device.
D.    Set the LACP system priority to a non-zero value on both devices.

Answer: B

Which two Layer 2 protocols are supported on MX Series devices? (Choose two.)

A.    BGP
B.    RIP
C.    RSTP
D.    MSTP

Answer: CD

Referring to the exhibit.
In the exhibit, which two routers will perform a swap action on LSP1? (Choose two.)

A.    R1
B.    R2
C.    R4
D.    R3

Answer: AB

Referring to the exhibit.
Your network consists of subnets shown in the exhibit. You are asked to create an aggregate route for Router 1. What is the appropriate prefix for the aggregate route in this scenario?


Answer: C

What must be configured for all IBGP speakers in an AS to have consistent routing information?

A.    Partial mesh of EBGP sessions between EBGP speakers.
B.    Default routes to the IBGP gateways.
C.    Static routes to the EBGP gateways.
D.    Full mesh of IBGP sessions between IBGP speakers.

Answer: D

What are three label operations that an MPLS-enabled router performs? (Choose three.)

A.    swap
B.    push
C.    pop
D.    insert
E.    rewrite

Answer: ABC

Referring to the exhibit.
You are planning the addition of a new EX3400 Series device to the network (EX-3400-7) to service MSTI-1 and MSTI-2. Which requirement must be met on EX-3400-7 for the MSTP instances to become fully operational and resilient?

A.    The MSTP revision-level must be incremented.
B.    The CIST must be extended to EX-3400-7.
C.    The MSTP configuration-name must be the same.
D.    The bridge-priority must match EX-3400-5 and EX-3400-6.

Answer: C

Referring to the exhibit.
You have configured OSPF between two routers. The OSPF adjacency will not form. What is the problem?

A.    Router is not receiving hellos on the configured interface.
B.    The OSPF version does not match on the configured interfaces.
C.    The router is not sending hellos on the configured interface.
D.    The area does not match on the configured interfaces.

Answer: D

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