New Juniper JN0-333 Exam Dumps with VCE and PDF from PassLeader (Question 31 – Question 35)

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Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    Packets entering the interface are being dropped because of a stateless filter.
B.    Packets entering the interface matching an ALG are getting dropped.
C.    TCP packets entering the interface are failing the TCP sequence check.
D.    Packets entering the interface are getting dropped because the interface is not bound to a zone.

Answer: D

Which three Encapsulating Security Payload protocols do the SRX Series devices support with IPsec? (Choose three.)

A.    DES
B.    RC6
C.    TLS
D.    AES
E.    3DES

Answer: ADE

You have recently configured an IPsec tunnel between two SRX Series devices. One of the devices is assigned an IP address using DHCP with an IP address that changes frequently. Initial testing indicates that the IPsec tunnel is not working. Troubleshooting has revealed that Phase 1 negotiations are failing. Which two actions would solve the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that the device with the IP address assigned by DHCP is the traffic initiator.
B.    Verify that VPN monitoring is enabled.
C.    Verify that the IKE policy is configured for aggressive mode.
D.    Verify that PKI is properly configured.

Answer: AC

Which statement describes the function of screen options?

A.    Screen options encrypt transit traffic in a tunnel.
B.    Screen options protect against various attacks on traffic entering a security device.
C.    Screen options translate a private address to a public address.
D.    Screen options restrict or permit users individually or in a group.

Answer: B

You must verify if destination NAT is actively being used by users connecting to an internal server from the Internet. Which action will accomplish this task on an SRX Series device?

A.    Examine the destination NAT translations table.
B.    Examine the installed routes in the packet forwarding engine.
C.    Examine the NAT translation table.
D.    Examinethe active security flow sessions.

Answer: A

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