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Which statement describes a data center is right?

A.    The data center locally hosts thousands of users with wired connections, all with three to four active devices.
B.    The data center typically involves high density topologies with multiple points of access.
C.    The data center encompasses a broad area that is used to interconnect business locations and resources.
D.    The data center houses the computing resources and services used by a company.

Answer: D

Your customer is deploying a new unified communications (UC) solution and business managers want to ensure that network users adopt and use the new solution. Which two statements describe how you would meet the business managers’ objectives? (Choose two.)

A.    Ensure that the solution is easy to manage for the IT staff.
B.    Ensure that the solution is cost effective.
C.    Ensure that the solution is easy to use for the end user.
D.    Ensure that the solution provides a high quality experience for the user.

Answer: CD

What is the function of the access tier in a traditional Layer 2 network environment with dispersed VLAN connectivity requirements?

A.    The access tier provides network connectivity to end-user devices and other hosts, and enforces network access policy.
B.    The access tier interfaces with lower tier devices and provides a high-speed interconnect with the north-bound WAN edge device.
C.    The access tier connects to the Internet and with lower tier Layer 2 devices to provide Layer 3 gateway services for the network.
D.    The access tier relays packets between the lower tier Layer 2 devices and functions as the gateway to the upper tier device.

Answer: A

You are working on a campus design for a customer who has acquired a building across the street from the main facility. The recently acquired building was built in 1979 and has not been updated to support the demands of current network technologies. The building must support high-speed network connections for all users working at the location. Which two elements would you consider when analyzing connectivity and throughput requirements for this new location? (Choose two.)

A.    the hierarchical modules used within each group at the new location
B.    the data received from a traffic analysis
C.    the condition of the physical media at the new location
D.    the type of business the customer is in

Answer: BC

You are asked to examine the infrastructure requirements needed to provision a new network build in support of a customer who wants to take advantage of their service provider’s MPLS/VPN offering. Which three considerations would be relevant to this work? (Choose three.)

A.    supplicant roles in the current network layout
B.    server hypervisor and host OS selection
C.    backdoor connectivity requirements
D.    IGP protocols deployed in the customer environment
E.    site-to-site versus site-to-hub communications

Answer: CDE

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