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You are designing a network for a customer who has given you specific requirements for the Internet gateway:
– The device must validate BGP peers
– Administrators must be able to verify that packet filters on the loopback interfaces are working as expected
What are two features on the Internet gateway that address the customer’s requirements? (Choose two.)

A. packet counting and logging
B. routing protocol authentication
C. source network address translation
D. intrusion prevention system

Answer: AB

You are preparing for the initial deployment of 100 SRX Series devices, and you want to leverage the autoinstallation feature. Which three prerequisites are required before you begin this task? (Choose three.)

A. Create a device-specific or default configuration file, and store it on a TFTP server in the network.
B. Confirm reachability to an active Contrail Controller within the same Layer 2 domain.
C. Log in to the SRX Series device as the root user and confirm the BASH shell connectivity.
D. Physically attach the SRX Series devices to the network using a valid interface.
E. Configure a DHCP server on your network to meet your network requirements.

Answer: ADE

Which three functions are licensed UTM features? (Choose three.)

A. denial-of-service protection
B. antispam
C. enhanced Web filtering
D. intrusion prevention system
E. antivirus

Answer: BCE

You are asked to design a high availability solution for a customer that wants to use a chassis cluster with two redundancy groups (RG0 and RG1). Their requirements dictate that the Routing Engine does not failover if RG1 fails. RG1 must failover automatically if there is an interface failure. How would you accomplish this task?

A. Monitor all interfaces in RG1 only.
B. Monitor all interfaces in RG0 only.
C. Do not monitor any interfaces in either redundancy group.
D. Monitor all interfaces in all redundancy groups.

Answer: A

Referring to the diagram shown in the exhibit, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. Layer 2 high availability can be enabled by configuring 802.3ad link aggregation between the vSRX and the vSwitch.
B. Layer 2 high availability can be enabled by configuring 802.3ad link aggregation between the vSwitch and the QFX5100 Virtual Chassis.
C. VMware and KVM are supported host hypervisors for vSRX.
D. The number of NICs on the vSRX must match the number of NICs on the host.
E. One NIC on the vSRX is reserved for management.

Answer: BCE

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