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You are configuring a BGP-signaled Layer 2 VPN service. Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    RSVP-signaled LSPs are required.
B.    The family 12vpn auto-discovery-only parameter is required for BGP sessions.
C.    The family 12vpn signaling parameter is required for BGP sessions.
D.    RSVP-signaled or LDP-signaled LSPs may be used.

Answer: CD

You are troubleshooting a Layer 3 VPN issue. The VPN has been passing traffic successfully for some time, but now it is reported that traffic is no longer flowing. You look into the bgp.l3vpn.0 table and see newly hidden routes. What would be the cause of this problem?

A.    The LSP used to connect the PE routers is down.
B.    The connection from the PE to the customer is down.
C.    The BGP routes received from the customer are no longer reachable.
D.    The family inet-vpn parameter was deleted from the BGP configuration of the PE router.

Answer: D

Referring to the exhibit, what is the correct prefix length of the route for the multihomed device?

A.    192
B.    304
C.    296
D.    248

Answer: B

The customer’s hosts cannot communicate across their Layer 3 VPN. The exhibit shows the configuration for the two PE devices in the Layer 3 VPN. What should you do to solve the problem?

A.    Add the family INET unicast NLRI address family in the BGP group for PE-2.
B.    Set the route distinguishers to be different for PE-1 and PE-2.
C.    Add the auto export feature in the routing instances for PE-1.
D.    Set the VRF target to the same value on PE-1 and PE-2.

Answer: D

Site HQ connects to Site A through a provider using BGP. The BGP route for Site A destinations is redistributed info OSPF within site HQ. You provision a backup link over a dedicated leased line that connects to Site A, which should only be used when Site A is not reachable through the provider. When the backup circuit is provisioned, traffic destined to Site A transits the backup link instead of the provider link. Referring to the exhibit, how do you solve this problem?

A.    Configure the backup link to be in passive mode.
B.    Configure the backup link to be part of Area 0.
C.    Increase the metric on the backup link to Site A.
D.    Change the route preference on OSPF external routes.

Answer: C

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