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You want to use IS-IS on a GRE interface where the underlying Layer 3 MTU is 1500. Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A.    IS-IS can be used because every IS-IS interface must be capable of transmitting packets at least as large as 1476 bytes, and the GRE header is 24 bytes.
B.    IS IS can be used, but the networking device directly attached to the circuit must be capable of fragmentation.
C.    IS-IS cannot be used, but the router can enable a GRE key that serves the same function as IS-IS.
D.    IS-IS cannot be used because the IS-IS hello is not allowed to be fragmented and has the DF bit set.

Answer: B

Referring to the exhibit, when building an interprovider VPN Option C between AS65100 and AS65200, which two parameters must be configured on the EBGP connection between PE1 and PE2? (Choose two.)

A.    family inet-vpn unicast
B.    multihop
C.    family inet labeled-unicast
D.    multipath

Answer: AB

You administer AS 65000, and have deployed a route reflector (RR1) in your network as shown in the exhibit. The traffic between AS 65001 and AS 65002 is going through the route reflector, even though it is not the best path. What will solve this problem?

A.    Change the LOCAL_PREF so that it uses the preferred path.
B.    Remove the nhs policy.
C.    Change the originator to be the preferred path.
D.    Change the IGP metric so it is lower on the preferred path.

Answer: B

You are asked to deploy VPLS in your network as a new service for several customers, and you must identity the configuration and provisioning requirements for your customers. Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    CE interfaces facing the service prowler must be Ethernet interfaces.
B.    VLAN IDs defined on CE interfaces must be the same on both ends unless otherwise negotiated.
C.    CE interfaces facing the service provider must be Layer 3 interfaces.
D.    PE interfaces facing the core must have VPLS encapsulation enabled.

Answer: AB

While logging in to routers on your network, you find the exact configuration shown in the exhibit on multiple devices. Which multicast RP strategy is being used in this scenario?

A.    embedded-rp
B.    auto-rp
C.    bsr
D.    anycast-rp

Answer: D

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