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Referring to the exhibit, each leaf node is a QFX5100 acting as a VXLAN Layer 2 Gateway using EVPN signaling. Leaf 2 and Leaf 3 are both attached to the same EVPN Ethernet segment. Leaf 2 has been elected the designated forwarder for VLAN 200 on that Ethernet segment.
In this scenario, which two actions will Leaf 1 perform with the broadcast Ethernet frame received from Host A? (Choose two.)

A.    Leaf 1 will strip the VLAN tag from the Ethernet frame before encapsulating it in VXLAN.
B.    Leaf 1 will send a VXLAN encapsulated copy of the Ethernet frame to both Leaf 2 and Leaf 3.
C.    Leaf 1 will change the VLAN tag of the Ethernet frame to 200 before encapsulating it in VXLAN.
D.    Leaf 1 will send a VXLAN encapsulated copy of the Ethernet frame to Leaf 2 only.

Answer: AD

You have built a mixed-mode VCF consisting of two QFX5100-24Qs as spines, two QFX5100-48S as leaf nodes, and one EX4300 as a leaf node. The VCF is working for all devices, except the EX4300 40GbE fabric links will not join the VCF. In this scenario, what must be corrected to solve the connectivity problem?

A.    Reboot all of the VCF members.
B.    Power off all of the VCF members and power up the spines before powering up the leafs.
C.    Zeroize the EX4300, cleat all the tables with the clear ethernet-switching tables command on all members, and reissue the request virtual-chassis mixed-mode command.
D.    Turn off authonegotiation on the EX4300 and the attached spine interfaces, and then use the request virtual-chassis vc-port set command on the spine ports connected to the EX4300.

Answer: A
Explanation: (Required only if you are adding a device that turns a non-mixed VCF into a mixed VCF)

Your server administrator asks you to preserve the inner VLAN tags of the frames coming from a Layer 2 VXLAN Gateway of the EVPN-enabled segment. Which two parameters must you add to the configuration to allow the VLAN tag to be passed? (Choose two.)

A.    layer2-protocol-tunneling
B.    decapsulate-accept-inner-vlan
C.    dotlq-tunneling
D.    encapsulate-inner-vlan

Answer: BD

Which statement is valid for EVPN multihoming CE1 to PE1 and PE2 as shown in the exhibit?

A.    CE1 must have LACP enabled on the interfaces attached to the PEs.
B.    The PEs must be manually configured for the ESI value on the interfaces attached to the CEs.
C.    The PEs use BPDU autodiscovery by enabling STP on the interfaces attached to CE1.
D.    CE1 must have the MAC mobility extended community enabled in BGP on both the CE and PEs.

Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit, R1 and R2 are QFX5100s and are acting as VXLAN Layer 2 Gateways for VLAN 100 using PIM-SM signaling. R2 currently has only the (*.G) state established for VNI 5100.
Which event will cause R2 to establish the (S,G) state for VNI 5100 using R1 as the multicast source?

A.    when R2 receives broadcast, multicast, or unknown unicast from Host A
B.    when R2 first learns the MAC address of a locally attached host
C.    when R2’s VNI 5100 configuration is committed
D.    when R1 receives a known unicast Ethernet frame from Host A

Answer: D

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