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R5 must advertise Subnet A into IS-IS so that Subnet A and Subnet B can communicate. Subnet B must be able to forward traffic to Subnet A and towards Area 49.0001. However, R5 should not be able to route traffic from Subnet A to Area 49.0001. Referring to the exhibit, how would you solve this problem?

A.    Configure Level 2 on all links in Area 49.0002.
B.    Configure the set protocols isis ignore-attached-bit parameter on R5.
C.    Configure the set protocols isis overload parameter on R6.
D.    Configure an export policy on R6 to reject all routes except Subnet B towards R5.

Answer: B

Which transport mechanism is required for Layer 3 VPNs?

A.    GRE
C.    IPsec
D.    MPLS

Answer: D

Referring to the exhibit, RR1-RR4 are route reflectors. Which three routers would RR1 need to peer with if the no-client-reflect parameter has been configured? (Choose three.)

A.    R2
B.    R5
C.    RR4
D.    R6
E.    R1

Answer: ACE

R1 and R2 are not forwarding the routes received from a remote PE to their customers. Referring to the exhibit, which parameter must be added to the configuration to allow the routes to be forwarded?

A.    multipath multiple-as
B.    family inet-vpn
C.    multihop
D.    as-override

Answer: B

You are asked to configure PIM-SM in your network. Your implementation must allow for load sharing between redundant RPs and, should an RP failure occur, the RP failover time should be minimized. Which two configuration tasks are required in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure MSDP peering sessions between the routers designated as RPs.
B.    Configure the shared anycast address on the RPs as the primary address on the loopback interface.
C.    On the routers designated as RPs, configure the shared anycast address on the loopback interface.
D.    Configure at least two static RPs and bundle them in an RP redundancy group under [edit protocols pim].

Answer: BD

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